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When it comes to digital transformation, NBCUniversal is going for gold

Over the past twenty years, the media landscape has transformed into a $2 trillion hurricane, growing in scale and complexity by the minute. Between a wave of new content providers and the growing popularity of social media, the competition for viewers and advertising dollars has never been fiercer.

As such, legacy media companies like NBCUniversal are trying to evolve into something entirely new: direct-to-consumer (DTC) technology companies.

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Truth be told, by the time NBCUniversal launched its streaming services, Peacock, in July 2020, they were a bit behind the game. Even so, Peacock exceeded initial expectations by acquiring 24.5 million monthly active accounts. and 9 million paid subscribers in less than two years.

While Peacock’s strong “comfort watch” content offerings were certainly key to attracting subscribers, another major factor was its unique pricing model. Unlike other providers, Peacock offers 3 pricing tiers: ad-free ($9.99 per month), ad-supported premium ($4.99), and a basic free plan. Additionally, Peacock was one of the first major streamers to offer “linear content streams”, otherwise known as TV channels.

Since 2014, ratings for the Olympics have been on a downward spiral. With the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing approaching, an event marked by the lingering COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical angst, NBCU knew viewer engagement would be more difficult than usual.

With that in mind, they sought to make the 2022 Olympics more accessible and interactive than ever. For starters, viewers have many options as to where they can watch the games: on regular TV, Peacock, or a variety of social media platforms such as ICT Tac and YouTube.

Second, the company launched a new virtual reality app dubbed NBC Olympics VR by Xfinity App. Using the app and their own VR hardware, viewers can watch the Olympics in 3D and experience all kinds of immersive content, which NBCU plans to offer more of in the future.

“We strive to create innovative viewing experiences so immersive that they rival the live Winter Olympics,” Sophia Ahmad, executive vice president, Xfinity Consumer Services, told AIAuthority. in a recent interview. “Our robust network allows Xfinity customers to get closer to the action than ever before, experiencing Games in 8K VR for the very first time.”

Viewers’ habits and preferences aren’t the only things that have changed since the dawn of the digital age. The way television advertising is bought and sold has also undergone a massive transformation. Advertisers not only want access to real-time viewer data, they also want an integrated and seamless ad buying experience.

By combining linear broadcast and cable networks with digital, social and streaming networks, NBCU’s single platform serves as a one-stop shop for buying and managing ads across the NBCU ecosystem.

To help advertisers make better evidence-based ad buying decisions and develop personalized ad campaigns, NBCU recently launched a new addition to the One platform, NBCUnified. An identity platform for marketers, NBCUnified aggregates billions of data points from NBCU’s movies, entertainment, news, sports, e-commerce, subscriptions and theme park businesses in a single database.

According to NBCU website“NBCUnified is designed to give all marketers, from local businesses to DTCs to major brands, a complete picture of their existing and potential customers and the advertising experiences that drive them to action. Because when marketers use data to better understand who they are targeting, they can more effectively determine how and with what message to reach them.”

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