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Tiger Pistol Introduces Franchise Enhanced Abilities

Tiger Pistol’s Collaborative Advertising Platform™ for Franchises enables franchisees, regardless of social advertising experience, to launch professionally designed, on-brand Facebook and Instagram campaigns in minutes. Ads are launched from the franchisee’s local Facebook business page and directed directly to their store.

“Advertising within the franchise business model is challenging; it requires a delicate balance between the franchisee brand’s brand control needs and their franchisee’s desires for local customization,” said Paul Elliott, CEO, Tiger Pistol. “The newly added features not only help provide balance, but they focus on maximizing advertising efficiency and effectiveness. Franchisees want locally relevant, easy-to-implement advertising that meets their business goals, whether it’s driving traffic to their placements or recruiting campaigns that allow them to advertise vacancies quickly.From recruiting to traffic to promotional offers, with the Tiger platform Pistol, franchisees can select and customize brand-supported campaigns that meet their business needs.

Elliott says the platform addresses key functional needs that were previously major gaps in the ad tech market, such as flexible funding models that allow franchisees to fund their individual campaigns at the store level or pay globally in all their stores. Advanced user management capabilities ensure greater security with roles and permissions to protect the platform, and access to data is restricted based on the franchisee’s approved role. With brand-designed campaign templates, franchisors maintain brand integrity and significantly reduce the risk of errors or policy flags.

“Individual franchisee marketing budgets are generally too small to afford poor ad spend,” Elliott said. “When franchisees are left in the dark and don’t know what works, they will most likely waste ad spend, which doesn’t serve everyone. With Tiger Pistol’s local reporting dashboards, franchisees can see exactly how their campaigns are performing and provide insight into how best to delegate future advertising spend.”

To give franchisees a competitive edge, franchisors can securely share first-party data with franchisee campaigns without providing direct access. This allows franchisees to build better audiences upfront, instead of guessing and testing.

To date, leading brands across a host of verticals including real estate, quick service restaurants (QSRs) and consumer services have chosen to leverage Tiger Pistol’s Collaborative Advertising Platform™. for franchises. To learn more about how Tiger Pistol can support your franchise brand, visit

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Tiger Pistol, the most award-winning collaborative advertising platform, makes high performance social advertising simple and scalable for customers and their partners, removing barriers to customer acquisition, sales growth and partner loyalty. Tiger Pistol’s Collaborative Advertising Platform™ uses advanced technology and automation to unite corporate brands, resellers or agencies with their partners to acquire and engage new customers within their local communities . As a long-time Meta (formerly Facebook) business partner, Tiger Pistol is the world’s largest third-party publisher of collaborative social ads, supporting clients in 22 global markets with over 700,000 campaigns published each year. Learn more by visiting TigerPistol.comor following Twitter, FacebookWhere LinkedIn.

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