The tricks you use to pull money

Do you know why you buy fruits and vegetables near the entrance? Buying “healthier” foods gives you a good feeling that you’ve already done something for your health and now deserve a reward.

Charms with fruits and vegetables

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There are a few simple tricks that make vegetables and fruits look more appealing, although you can’t explain why:

  • Crates and crates – gives the impression that they have just brought her from the farm.
  • Shiny and juicy pieces – just an ordinary sprayer with a little water and the impression of freshness is born.
  • Proper lighting – shelves with vegetables illuminate the warm yellow light resembling the rays of the sun. Colors stand out better.
  • Color contrast – you won’t find the same colored food side by side.

Fragrances that will make you feel good

Although the pastry is on the other side of the store, you can feel the freshly baked bread a few meters from the entrance. It is not a coincidence, but a clever way to create a sense of calm . In addition, the scent easily makes you hungry.

The aroma of flowers also has a calming effect . Some shops therefore place them as close to the entrance as possible.

Sneaky sounds

A pleasant mood is evoked by targeted music, which according to research influences the pace of shopping. That’s why you are accompanied by slower songs from your speakers .

You will also be slowed down by the choice of tile size . If they’re smaller, the shopping cart wheels creep faster and you can go slower with the feeling you haven’t changed your speed.

And the slower you go, the more time you have to look around for goods.

Lying for the eyes

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The most expensive products occupy the shelves at eye level . Goods intended for children’s customers are significantly lower. Some cereal-producing companies have even researched that the cartoon characters’ eyes on the boxes look directly at the children of a certain age group.

At the head of the aisles you will often find consumer goods that you may not have come to buy, but you will add it to your cart because it “may come in handy”. Most often they are deodorants, washing gels or pasta.

Contrast and proper light play a role not only in fruits and vegetables. The meat counter is lighted with a slightly pink or red light , the chopping boards are white to make the meat stand out better. Yellow cheeses are complemented by green olives and above the pastry are bulbs emitting yellow light . This gives a feeling of warmth and therefore more freshness of the bread.

More does not have to mean cheaper

The last group of small snares are manipulation of quantity and price:

  • Customers buy more into larger baskets . According to research, a larger basket will increase the number of items purchased by 40% .
  • You can buy the same items in weight or in pieces, but the price varies considerably. The difference between the mushrooms in the box and the purchased weight can be twenty crowns per kilo.
  • 3 + 1 actions for free and similar may not always be as advantageous as they seem.

Don’t give up! 6 tips on how to defend yourself against shop tactics

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  1. Never shop while you are hungry .
  2. Write down and stick to your shopping list .
  3. Check the expiration date and choose the freshest items.
  4. Look at the lower shelves , whether you will find the same quality, but branded and therefore cheaper goods.
  5. When comparing goods, select the same unit – weight or volume. Larger packages are sometimes surprisingly more expensive, especially for dairy products.
  6. If possible, first check the backlight shelf meat under normal light.