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Somalia faces serious security risks

Somalia faces serious security risks – minister

MOGADISHU, Somalia – Ambassador Francisco Madeira’s stint as special representative in Somalia may have come to an abrupt end following sharp divisions in the government, but it could hurt his presence in the Horn of Africa nation .

Already, Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble and incumbent President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo appear to have fallen out over the prolonged deployment of the AU representative, with the prime minister declaring the Mozambican envoy persona non grata and then ordering his expulsion.

State media reports that Security Minister Abdullahi Nor has asked the immigration department to immediately cancel Madeira’s free visa, noting that he is no longer welcome in Somalia. Madeira has been working in the country since 2015.

“Minister of Internal Security Abdullahi Mohamed Nor has ordered the Immigration Authority to permanently cancel the work permit visa of Ambassador Francisco Madeira who was recently declared persona non grata by the Somali government,” state media reported.

In a Twitter Space conversation with Garowe Online, Nor insisted that the government had no problems with the forces of the African Union Mission in Somalia, adding that the main problem is a civilian-led component. by Madeira.

“The FGS has an effective working relationship with the military component of AMISOM and we commend their unwavering support,” Nor said, adding that the civilian component of the mission is compromised and no longer working in the country.

AMISOM has already transitioned to the African Union Transitional Mission in Somalia [ATMIS] but analysts say it was just a name change. The mission has nearly 20,000 troops in the country and has operated in the country for more than 15 years.

He also did not say that the civilian component of Madeira was determined to help Farmaajo stay in power, adding that such schemes could plunge the country into chaos. The movements, he noted, could incite members of the public.

“The new standoff is driven by Farmaajo’s blatant attempt to illegally stay in Villa Somalia or throw the country into chaos. He is currently inciting civil resistance against AMISOM,” he added during the discussion. .

Somali opposition leaders have since urged Moussa Faki to withdraw his statement defending Madeira and recognize the persona non grata issued by Prime Minister Mohamed Roble. The leaders accused Madeira of “blatant interference in the internal affairs of Somalia, including partisanship”.

Farmaajo and the AU commission have since strongly defended Madeira, arguing that he performs his duties according to law. The envoy has yet to publicly comment on his current troubles in the country, which is embroiled in a political struggle.

Later this month, Somalia is expected to hold presidential elections for the president, immediately after lawmakers are sworn in and appoint their presidents. Farmaajo is contested by former presidents Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, among others.