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Sangappa’s interests also extend beyond campus. She participated in an exploratory program hosted by Goldman Sachs, received a data analyst intern position at Eightfold – a company that uses AI to give hiring and employment groups equal access to job opportunities. ‘job – and teamed up with a high school friend who studies at UCLA to work as data engineers at West Coast consumer services company Duffl and built them a product recommendation system.

“Helping any business or organization make better data-driven decisions is really important, especially as the world continues to change,” she says. “A lot of people talk about working for a dream business. I don’t look at him like that. I want to have a dream experience. I want to play a dream role.

In October, Sangappa will attend (albeit virtually) the Harvard Kennedy School’s Public Policy Scholars’ Conference. A STEM major attending a public policy conference at Harvard might seem overkill to some, but it’s just another way for Sangappa to explore the potential uses of the data she loves.

“I try to keep an open mind. When most people think of STEM or analytics, they think of tech companies. But you can work in health care, you can work for the government, just about anything. ”

Halfway through his Bentley experience, Sangappa isn’t trying to slow down. She remains busy on campus and hopes to land an internship that will allow her to take another step on the road to success.

“I like to think of them as all pieces of a puzzle,” she says of her varied interests and roles. “What is the puzzle itself? I do not know yet. It would be really cool to start my own startup someday. I still want to have this burning fire and ambition. I want to keep learning, accomplishing things, and growing in any way I can. ”

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