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Senior Security Analyst – Microsoft Security at Private

The Senior Security Analyst works within the Security business unit and handles the most complex security and cyber threats. The primary responsibility of this position is to research and identify potential threats and vulnerabilities to minimize the attachment window and limit the time an adversary must gain access to the network before being discovered.

The Security Principles Analyst works within the Security business unit and defines the strategy and operating model to address complex cybersecurity threats. The primary responsibility of this position is to de ne the cybersecurity risk management approach for both our clients and internally.

The Senior Security Analyst will facilitate access to tools and research through partners to design and develop platforms, systems and services that will assist in the proactive identification of potential threats and actors of the threat in order to minimize the attack window and limit the amount of time an adversary must gain access to a network before it is discovered.

Contribute to threat intelligence strategy

The Security Principles Analyst will play an important role in designing strategies for clients, planning strategy implementation, and execution. They use their creativity and intellectual rigor to help craft the threat intelligence strategy that will drive the business to become proactive, focused, and preventative. These individuals will integrate the use of intelligence into core business by aligning the development of intelligence and threat flows with formal decision making. This employee will measure the effectiveness of cyber hunting capabilities to ensure that appropriate plans are in place to address sub-par performance and ineffective practices.

These will include, but not be limited to:

Generating Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence

Define a cybersecurity strategy for development

Perform competitive analysis and comparison of threat intelligence, breach detection and incident response solutions

Provide input and expertise to the product development lifecycle Thought leadership and innovation for future cybersecurity trends

Act as a representative on the NTT I3 Security Working Group for cybersecurity and threat intelligence

Sharing with NTT both strategically and operationally

Formulate the strategy and resulting roadmap for the next generation of RTM (Realtime Threat Management), including automation; vulnerability analysis and incident response

Develop relevant platforms, systems and services

The Security Principles Analyst will facilitate the design and development of platforms and systems that enable security analysts to produce intelligence outputs to provide an accurate depiction of the current threat landscape and associated risks through the use of client, community and open source reports.

The Security Principles Analyst will also assist the security product development team as a subject matter expert defining requirements for managed security services where cyber intelligence is required.

The Security Principles Analyst implements programs that enable security analysts to collect, organize, analyze, interpret, and summarize threat and vulnerability reports and data to provide actionable intelligence and situational awareness to decision makers. Working with our partners, the Security Principles Analyst will create a threat intelligence repository to understand the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) of threat actors.

They create partnerships and relationships with third parties for intelligence sharing, evaluation of threat intelligence providers, platforms and data streams to generate greater business value. They provide subject matter expertise, oversight of technical deliverables of strategic cyber projects and initiatives to enhance and enhance cyber threat intelligence, breach detection, and incident response capabilities and timelines.

The Security Principles Analyst demonstrates strategic thinking skills and good business understanding. They are thought leaders capable of establishing and advising preventive and practical plans to counter potential threats. They demonstrate critical thinking and a capacity for contextual analysis and are proactive in their approach. These individuals demonstrate excellent verbal and written communication skills and the interpersonal skills required to engage with a variety of internal and external stakeholders.

In this position, you will be required to:

  • Develop a threat intelligence strategy to help the business become proactive, focused and preventative, and develop and implement appropriate plans to deal with lower performance and ineffective cyber hunting practices.
  • Produce intelligence findings, threat and vulnerability reports, actionable data and intelligence, and situational awareness to support decision-making.
  • Research and identify potential threats and vulnerabilities and develop action plans to counter emerging cyber intelligence threats.
  • Produce threat warnings, real-time situational and predictive analytics, and synthesis of information and data from all sources.
  • Participate in meetings and produce technical reports on threats and intelligence mechanisms illustrating the value of the cyber intelligence function.
  • Effectively manage a team of cybersecurity analysts, their resources and their overall performance.

Microsoft Security, Vulnerability Management, End Point Protection, Security Operations Center, Security Incident and Event Management, Data Loss Prevention and Information Protection, Managed EDR/XDR Services (various vendors)


CYSA, CASP – Comptia

Vulnerability management and EDR/XDR certifications – vendor-related

Microsoft: AZ-[Phone Number Removed];, SC [Phone Number Removed];. MRS[Phone Number Removed];

10 years of professional experience

5+ years of experience required in SOC and/or cyber and IT security roles and/or related function in a medium to large sized ICT organization, preferably an IT service provider. Excellent customer service orientation

Excellent at solving problems and can use your initiative to drive innovation

Excellent experience in process management and leadership

Excellent experience in cyber risk management

Desired skills:

  • Microsoft Security
  • Vulnerability management
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Security Operations Center
  • Security incident and event management
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Protection of information
  • Managed EDR/XDR Services

Desired work experience:

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