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SBG Insurance Brokers Strengthens Industry Capacity With Exchanges

SBG Insurance Brokers said it is committed to building the capacity of the insurance industry through its scholarship programs.

The chief executive of the company, Sammy Dalmeida, said this during his speech during the presentation of an academic excellence award in insurance at the University of Lagos.

He said: “The SBG Insurance Brokers Award for Top Insurance Student is a scholarship for academic excellence in insurance. The annual award for the best graduate student aims to inspire insurance students to achieve academic excellence.

“The permanent endowment of 2.5 million naira will allow the best graduate insurance student to receive N 250,000 each year for the next 10 years. The purpose of the award is to recognize hard work and academic excellence. The prize is to celebrate the sacrifices and dedication of the most remarkable insurance market.

“We expect that, through this corporate social responsibility project, SBG Insurance Brokers will help strengthen the quality of qualified personnel in the Nigerian insurance industry. ”

Dalmeida recalled that he was a student in the insurance department of the Faculty of Business Administration at the time, now the Faculty of Management Sciences.

According to him, the high death rate of companies in Nigeria underscores the importance of the stock market event.

He urged Nigerians and Nigerian businesses to adopt insurance.

He noted that Articles 64 and 65 of the Insurance Law of 2003 require that buildings under construction and public buildings be insured.

He expressed concern, however, that the enforcement of these legal requirements had been a major challenge in the country.

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