Ministry of Public Security releases statistics on attacks on girls online

Data released Monday by the Minister of Public Security in honor of International Day of the Girl shows that 67% of the 15,425 reported attacks against minors online were against girls and teenage girls.

The statistics were provided by the Center for the Protection of Children Online (Unit 105).

Some 31% complained of sexual offenses involving threats and blackmail, sexual assault and harassment, soliciting and inappropriate sexual speech.

An additional 18% were social attacks involving shame, avoidance, intimidation and the distribution of humiliating photos and videos that were not of a sexual nature, while the distribution of sexual photos and videos without the consent of the girl they contained represented 7% of the complaints. .

Some 11% called the hotline to report suicidal tendencies following assaults on them.

Young people today prefer to share their feelings and emotions through texts and online, on social networks, on chat platforms while playing and in other similar contexts (credit: SNAPPY GOAT)

The main platforms on which the attacks took place were Instagram, WhatsApp and TikTok.

The International Day of the Girl was announced by the UN with the aim of raising awareness of the inequality between boys and girls that begins at a young age. Many girls around the world face difficult challenges like inequality and sexual assault, and in some extreme cases, sex trafficking and underage prostitution.

“I commend the important and targeted treatment and awareness raising of issues in the lives of girls in the country and around the world,” said Tomer Lotan, Director General of the Ministry of Public Security. “The National Center for Child Protection Online will continue to strive to ensure that every girl and teenager is also safe online. “

“We are at the forefront of the fight against attacks against minors online and are working with the civil administration to protect the safety of children in virtual and physical spaces,” said the commander of Police Unit 105, the lieutenant colonel. Chlomit Landes. “As part of the unit’s work, we are using an intelligence force alongside investigating suspects of any crime against minors. We will continue to strengthen children’s online safety and bring all criminals to justice.”

“We can see a clear gender dynamic in attacks on online minors,” said the head of the unit’s civil administration, Dr Nava Cohen-Avigdor. “Most of the perpetrators are men and most of the victims are women. This fact also reflects the truth in the physical spaces in sexual assault. As a society, we must act to strengthen the personal safety of girls and adolescent girls and women in all walks of life, including online. “

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