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Jacksonville-area couple in thousands claim moving brokerage firm took their money – Action News Jax

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – A couple lose about $ 3,000 after they say a South Florida-based moving brokerage company took their money and disappeared.

They say the company, US Standard Van Lines, cited them for a move and then never arranged for the movers to show up on the due date, forcing them to fork out even more money to move across the country. .

“We thought we had to tell our story,” said Krista Smith.

Smith and Jennifer Beamer never thought this would happen to them.

“It’s terrible because I’m not the only person they did it to,” Smith said.

The two have now lost thousands of dollars after they said a moving brokerage company billed them, didn’t do their job, and disappeared.

Smith hired US Standard Van Lines for his move from Ohio to Jacksonville on November 20.

She said from the start their communication was sketchy.

“That’s when the first red flag hit me. I was like ‘something is wrong,’ ”Smith said.

Krista said that at one point they were calling and emailing an employee and then all of a sudden another employee took over the account. Then the second employee became almost impossible to reach.

“We kept calling them. No answer. No answer. No response, ”Smith said.

It wasn’t until the day they moved in that they got their answer.

No mover ever showed up.

In the evening, she had to hire another truck herself.

The following Monday, she said that a random number claiming to be a moving company texted her and asked her to come by in the morning, two days too late.

It was then that they called their bank and learned that they could not get their money back.

“When they said they wouldn’t be able to help me, we contacted the Better Business Bureau, and that’s when we saw over 50 complaints and they all went unanswered, unanswered. response, no response, ”Beamer said.

Action News Jax takes a look at the company on the Better Business Bureau website. We found dozens of similar complaints. Other people also complained about the lack of refunds, responses and bad luck.

It doesn’t stop there.

According to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration records, there were 44 complaints filed against US Standard Van Lines in 2021; 26 of those in the deceptive marketing practices category.

Jax’s Action News Gretchen Kernbach called the company itself. It was at this point that we discovered that the main number was now disconnected. No one picked up the company’s emergency number either, and voicemail was not answered.

Kernbach also sent an email to the company’s primary email address and got no response.

“I don’t know how these people do it, really don’t. But they do it over and over to people, ”Smith said.

They have been in contact with the Better Business Bureau but to no avail. Now they just want to warn others.

“Get all your information. Make sure you know what you are dealing with. Make sure you look at your contract, ”Smith said.

Action News Jax contacted the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to see if officials were aware of the complaints against US Standard Van Lines.

We’re told they can only regulate moves within the state. The US Department of Transportation regulates moving companies that cross states.

If you want to file a complaint against a moving company, You can do it here.