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GTA Online Players Furious That Crews Are Being ‘Stolen’ After Rockstar Security Breach

Posted: 2022-10-10T20:37:14

Updated: 2022-10-10T20:37:34

Rockstar Games has had its hand full of security issues, and an online GTA breach only adds to the concerns.

On September 18, a Massive GTA 6 leak included over 90 videos revealing the game’s location and gameplay features. GTA fans feared the worst, but Rockstar said they “do not anticipate any long-term effects on the development of any ongoing projects.”

The initial GTA 6 leak set off a flurry of other rumors and Easter eggs surfacing. Fans looking for clues are inevitable, but it raises questions about Rockstar’s ability to fend off any unwarranted leaks.

A breach bypassing GTA Online’s two-factor authentication system is the latest in a series of security issues at Rockstar, and players are furious to say the least.

Interactive Take-Two

A massive exploit allows someone to steal Social Club accounts through Rockstar Support.

Massive exploit steals GTA Online Social Club accounts

The GTA Online Social Club allows players to track their stats, manage their crews or check their achievements. Crews are made up of players who fight against other crews and form alliances. Players can rank up their crews, unlock cosmetic items and challenges.

However, there seems to be some nefarious activity regarding crews and this is causing major concerns on social media.

GTA YouTuber Ghillies revealed, “Someone is stealing Social Club accounts through Rockstar Support by bypassing two-factor authentication and deleting crews.”

The YouTuber claimed both of their crews were wiped out by the exploit.

September 24, GTA Online player PL Tytus claimed his crew was “robbed today despite having a strong password and two-step verification enabled.”

Deleting crews erases any progress made, and stolen Social Club accounts prevent players from tracking hard-earned stats and achievements.

Rockstar Support has yet to comment on the issue or provide ways to prevent the exploit. We will provide an update once we have more information.