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Gig Apps Hustle For Top In Supplier Rankings

Do you have a concert? No? Well, go get one. The apps are there if the will is strong.

Watching the latest PYMNTS Gig Apps Provider Ranking, it seems that not only are the concert workers working, but they are also switching platforms, looking for faster routes to better locations.

This is how it is in the world of what some call a “side job” and others just “work”.

Whichever way you see it, gig apps are on the move – and that means we are too.

The Top 5

Taking it from the top, DoorDash retains its headquarters at No.1, having signed a reseller pact with United Natural Foods to provide on-demand grocery delivery services to independent retailers.

Uber driver is catching up at # 2, now testing a program in Brazil that allows customers to pay more for shorter delivery windows. It looks promising.

As usual in recent months, Instacart Shopper remains at No. 3, just after its acquisition of smart cart creator Caper AI.

Here’s one of those changes we mentioned earlier. The Amazon Flex app earns a spot and goes to # 4 this cycle in another victory for the diverse e-commerce titan.

Down one place at No. 5 (but still remaining in the Top 5) it is the Fifth app, which launched a freelance subscription program on the platform a few months ago.

The Top 10

There is no elevator for the Lyft driver app this time around because it stays in place at # 6 for another cycle.

Somehow we don’t see Lyft staying out of the Top 5. Guess we’ll find out.

The Upwork app retains its role of guardian of place n ° 7. There, no change.

Another change to report, this time to n ° 8, while the Independent the application gains a position in the chart. This is a good move for the Australian crowdsourcing market website.

During this time, Grubhub for drivers drops a chart position at # 9 this cycle, as apps in this category deal with disruption in major cities around food delivery under pandemic mandates.

Rabbits run away from predators – and some from hard work – but not TaskRabbit, keeping its cozy warren at # 10 for another round of the Gig Apps Provider Ranking.

It’s a wrap. Don’t play too hard there.



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