FOX5 EXPERTS: Legal Aid Center Lawyer Examines Las Vegas Rent Rise | Local

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – Ryan McConnell is an attorney with the Consumer Rights Project at the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada.

It focuses on issues between landlords and tenants and the FOX5 interview focused on the rising rents happening in the valley.

Basically, there is no law on the books that would prevent a landlord from increasing the rent by the amount they see fit, but there are things the tenant needs to do and know to make sure the landlord complies with it. the law.

McConnell’s advice to tenants who have been slapped with a heavy lease renewal is to be proactive: contact the landlord, remind him what a great tenant he has been, tell him how much he can afford and how he maintains the relationship. .

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Remind the landlord that the next tenant might not be that good.

McConnell says homeowners need to follow a new law some aren’t aware of. For those with a monthly lease, landlords must give 60 days notice before increasing the rent. This is a new law adopted during the last legislative session. It was previously 45 days. For weekly rentals, the owner must give 30 days notice.

McConnell says rent increases have been fairly widespread, not targeting poorer neighborhoods where people might have to pay because they don’t have the resources to relocate.

He believes the market will correct itself naturally as more and more people are forced to move. He hopes the lack of affordable housing will be addressed as more people move to Nevada.

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