Facebook settles charges of employment discrimination

Facebook Inc. will pay up to $ 14.25 million to resolve a US Department of Justice lawsuit that accused the social media company of dissuading American workers from applying for certain positions in favor of foreign candidates, it said. Tuesday the ministry.

Separately, the US Department of Labor said it had reached a related settlement with the company.

The DOJ said the settlement resolves a December 2020 lawsuit that alleged that from at least January 1, 2018 until at least September 18, 2019, Facebook regularly reserved jobs for temporary visa holders through the “permanent work certificate program. “. Critics said visa law made it too easy to replace American workers with cheaper foreign workers.

The lawsuit alleged that contrary to its standard recruiting practices, Facebook’s recruiting methods were designed to deter American workers from applying for certain positions, such as requiring that applications be submitted by mail only, refusing to consider workers. Americans who applied for the positions and only hire temporary visa holders.

The department accused the company of deliberately discriminating against American workers based on their citizenship or immigrant status in violation of immigration and nationality law.

The prize consists of a civil fine of $ 4.75 million and up to $ 9.5 million to be paid to eligible victims of Facebook’s alleged discrimination, the department said.

Facebook did not respond to a request for comment.

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