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Details of an online leak of another major “Trickbot” ransomware group – Security

A week after notorious Russia-based extortionist gang Conti was humiliated when tons of data about its internal chats was published online, a second group – Trickbot – also appears to have been hit by a leak.

Detailed information allegedly about this second ransomware gang has emerged online, experts said, further evidence that groups with suspected ties to Russia have been targeted for exposure in recent days.

Identification of details of alleged gang members released by a Twitter account calling itself “TrickbotLeaks” began spreading across the web late last week.

The account has been suspended and Reuters could not immediately verify the authenticity of the information, but experts said the details released matched their understanding of the group.

“It overlaps — largely overlaps — with our research,” said Vitali Kremez, chief executive of Florida-based cybersecurity firm AdvIntel.

Kremez, who says he is in contact with a Ukrainian researcher allegedly responsible for the earlier leak of Conti’s correspondence, said the drumbeat of revelations seemed to have been triggered somehow by the Russian invasion. from Ukraine.

“All gloves are off” in the Russian cybercriminal sphere, Kremez said.