Consumer rights

Consumer Protection Council to be activated: Minister Badu

Industry, Trade and Supply Minister Dilendra Prasad Badu said the Consumer Protection Board will be made active in creating and amending related law, rules and policies (if any).

The Minister, who is also Chairman of the Board, made the statement at a meeting of the Board which took place four years after the formation of the Consumer Protection Act 2018. The Council was formed to develop policies for the protection and enforcement of consumer rights

Highlighting current issues such as inflation and rising prices of basic necessities, he said government at all levels, the private sector and consumers should be responsible, disciplined and careful to end such things. “Citizens have raised questions regarding the ineffectiveness of the government mechanism to stop unusual inflation and other abusive practices in the market.

The government at all levels, its organs and offices should regularly monitor the market with utmost dedication and discipline to end the troubles and everyone’s help is the need of the hour,” he said. he declares.

Other issues discussed at the meeting included the need for the Department and all federal regulators to coordinate with all stakeholders, including the provincial government, with respect to changing laws, supply management, consumer protection and market surveillance in order to grant authority to the market surveillance mechanism at the provincial and local levels.