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Closing the consumer-producer gap with expert advisory services – Eurasia Review

A new European project – COREnet – will strengthen links between advisors, farmers and consumers and promote short sustainable food supply chains.

Short food supply chains (SFSC) enable more inclusive, resilient and sustainable food systems. Yet institutional and regulatory barriers and gaps in farmer knowledge prevent SFSCs from growing in the market. To overcome these drawbacks, there is a need for focused and impartial expert advisory services from SFSC who can identify solutions and advice to enhance the performance and impact of SFSC.

COREnet will provide good practice and success stories on the subject of SFSC and support the systematic development of more effective SFSC guidance; this will be possible through a pan-European peer learning network for SFSC experts. Project activities will promote knowledge exchange, disseminate innovative SFSC solutions and know-how and engage farmers, local stakeholders and consultants until they reach consumers. In addition, COREnet recognizes the role played by Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS) relevant to the growth and sustainable development of the SFSC. Thus, the project will foster and integrate the diversity of SFSC advisors and advisors into national AKIS while supporting their work with new tools.

“COREnet is not just a Horizon Europe project but a community that we started several years ago with the SKIN project, whose legacy is still alive being the thematic network of the European Agricultural Innovation Partnership (EIP-AGRI ) on the short food chain. Many COREnet partners are part of this network. By connecting old and new partners, we will pursue a holistic, systemic and collaborative approach to help SFSCs have a greener impact in the marketplace” , Jelena Lazić, ICONS Project Manager responsible for the COREnet project “ICONS is responsible for carrying out the dissemination and communication activities of the project to reach all stakeholders involved in the value chain and develop sustainability plans for the solutions COREnet.”

The COREnet project, coordinated by the University of Foggia, sees the involvement of 13 partners who will represent the concept of “multi-actors” within the agri-food chain and who have a solid expertise in consulting services and SFSC practice from all over the EU. -27. The project started in mid-September 2022.