Claritas consumer data now available on Narrative’s data streaming platform
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Claritas consumer data now available on Narrative’s data streaming platform

Marketers using Narrative’s Data dissemination platform will be able to search, evaluate, purchase, process and activate Claritas datasets within hours. In addition to having access to Claritas consumer data points, marketers benefit from the transparency, automation and control of their data acquisition process offered by Narrative tools, which helps them to speed time to market, save money and reduce transaction risk. with data brokers.

“The partnership with Claritas is another step forward for Narrative in helping businesses access single data points,” said Nick jordan, founder and CEO of Narrative. “By coupling the transparency, automation and control of our narrative data streaming platform with Claritas’ proprietary identity data and graphic, marketers can quickly and easily find their best leads and improve their marketing execution, while eliminating inefficiencies in data transactions that typically slow them down, cost them money and expose them to undue risk. ”

“This partnership is exciting for Claritas on several fronts,” said Chase miller, EVP, Strategy and Business Development. “As a leader in helping marketers understand their best customers and prospects with more granularity than ever before, while enabling powerful multi-channel engagements, it’s critical that the marketing community has a seamless way to access the depth and breadth of data and information available to us. Narrative’s innovative data streaming platform enables marketers of all sizes to do just that. We are delighted with this announcement and look forward to the continuation of this partnership.

Narrative’s data delivery platform enables those looking to acquire data to discover new data sources, merge data sets, contract, price, pay and execute data transactions with full control and transparency. The data provided by Claritas available through the Narrative Data Streaming platform includes:

  • Demographics: Age, income, education, household composition, wealth and property.
  • Lifestyle behaviors: Shopping, finance, insurance, technology, media and energy.
  • Multicultural behaviors: 30 MM of households, 130 MM of consumers, ethnic origin, acculturation, language at home, lifestyle and consumer behavior.
  • Buying behaviors: Technology adoption, device ownership, service provider, likelihood of change, restaurant and retail preferences, media consumption, finances (wealth, credit metrics, products, home value, etc. ) and automotive.
  • Commercial data: Comprehensive data includes demographic and employee numbers for lead list building, segmentation development, and sales territory optimization.
  • Segmentation: Understand your customers better and find high value-added prospects thanks to the industry’s most adopted segmentation solutions: PRIZM® Premier, P $ YCLE® Premier, ConneXions® and CultureCode®.
  • Profiles and audiences: Use over 8,000 behavior-based profiles and audiences to reach consumers most likely to buy or use specific products or services.
  • Identifiers: Email, postal address, digital identifiers, social identifiers, mobile application identifiers, IP address

Marketers and businesses can access Claritas consumer data sets at

About the story

Narrative is a data streaming platform that simplifies the buying and selling of information by eliminating inefficiencies in data transactions that prevent businesses from maximizing the success of their most important data-driven initiatives. Innovative brands and direct-to-consumer businesses are leveraging Narrative’s technology to fuel powerful data strategies, build data monetization businesses, fuel growth marketing, and inform product development. Founded in 2016, Story is a private company headquartered in New York City.

About Claritas

For nearly 50 years, Claritas“Unparalleled insight into the American consumer has resulted in the most adopted segmentation in the industry, helping marketers identify their best customers. Through key acquisitions, the company has grown into a leader in marketing, now offering a suite of single-source solutions that gives marketers the ability to identify their ideal audiences, deliver multi-channel marketing engagements with precision, and leverage using measurement tools to optimize their online media spending. and offline channels and thus generate a better return on marketing investment. With a precision-driven foundation, the robust Claritas Identity Graph serves as the engine for these powerful solutions, encompassing a proprietary dataset of over 255 million consumers across over 800 million devices and over 10,000 demographic information. and behavioral.

SOURCE Narrative I / O, Inc.

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