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CET UK records significant growth despite COVID-19 pandemic

As a result, it saw its workforce increase by more than 36% in the year ended April 2021, from 192 to almost 300, with 94% of new hires being women.

Over the past 12 months, the company has won a significant number of contracts with UK insurers, including a five-year contract to operate a trademark claims portal for specialist warranties provider Domestic & General. It also increased its UK-wide network of contractors from 25% to over 300 and continued to improve its first visit resolution rate, reducing face-to-face contact during the pandemic.

The company has received positive feedback from its customers, with higher customer satisfaction scores in the 12 months ended May 2021 than at any time in the past three years. He also saw an increase in his Trustpilot score and the percentage of customers who would recommend CET to others.

CET chief executive Chris McLain (pictured) said the company has invested heavily in its people and has gradually built up its network of contractors to meet demand and ensure it consistently provides customer service from high quality.

“At a time when businesses across all industries grapple with the impact of COVID-19, it is reassuring to see CET grow stronger,” McLain said.

“We are proud to have talented employees who, thanks to our pre-pandemic telecommuting policy, now operate from the top down in the UK. This meant that when COVID-19 actually hit our shores, we were already up and running, and all of our staff were able to continue to provide top quality service with very little downtime. “

During last year’s pandemic, CET revealed that the new company saved it more than 48 metric tons of CO2 – with resources focusing on developing its cloud-based software platform SIMPLIFi, an end-to-end job management system that connects everyone in the claims handling process, from first claim notification (FNOL) to resolution.

McLain added: “We have worked hard over the past 12 months to ensure that our staff, contractors and customers feel safe and supported during what can only be described as an unprecedented and difficult year. for everyone involved.

“As we look beyond the pandemic, our priorities will be continually determined by doing our best for our customers, our customers, our staff, our contractors and also the environment. I am proud of the hard work of all CET members who have come together over the past year to solidify our position as the leading claims solutions platform in the UK.

“I am also excited about the future as we look to expand our footprint and diversify our offering beyond home emergencies. “

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