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Cerity partners with Thimble to offer a full suite of insurance products and solutions for small business owners

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cerity®a digital provider of workers’ compensation insurance policies, has partnered with Thimble® to provide small business owners with a full range of easy-to-access insurance solutions to protect their employees and businesses. Cerity is part of Employers Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: EIG).

Navigating business insurance needs can be complicated and frustrating for a small business, regardless of its industry. That’s why Cerity and Thimble have teamed up to digitize this process and provide small business owners with everything they need to insure their business — whether it’s learning exactly what they need to protect their business and their employees, get an affordable quote in minutes, or upload their own certificates of insurance.

Both companies share a vision of leveraging their modern technology stacks to make it easier for small businesses to acquire and manage insurance policies. Through this partnership, Thimble will provide its customers with Cerity’s best workers’ compensation insurance coverage, allowing these businesses to comply with state laws and grow safely.

“We are excited to partner with Thimble to meet customers where they want to be: online. said Executive Vice President Jeff Shaw of Cerity. “By leveraging technology, we can create a digital-first experience that makes it easy for small business owners to get the coverage and peace of mind they need so they can focus on running their business.”

“Our goal is to provide a one-stop shop for small business owners as they manage all of their commercial insurance coverage needs,” said Jay Bregman, co-founder and CEO of Thimble. “Working with Cerity will help make this a reality, solving a key challenge and enabling Thimble to provide our customers with world-class workers’ compensation insurance in addition to our product line.”

Cerity Services, Inc. is a subsidiary of Employers Holdings, Inc., which is solely focused on using technology to gain partnerships and market share by making it easier to obtain workers’ compensation insurance for small business owners.

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About Cerity

Founded with a bold vision to reinvent small business insurance, Cerity makes it quick and easy for business owners to protect their team, assets and livelihoods with an online workers’ compensation solution. With its digital-first approach, Cerity is transforming the entire process – from buying and maintaining coverage to filing a claim – to be simple, fast and easy. The company‘s proprietary pricing model produces tailored quotes in seconds and can deliver a new policy in five minutes or less, allowing executives to get back to what matters most: growing and scaling their operations. Cerity Services, Inc. is a subsidiary of Employers Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: EIG), an industry veteran with more than 100 years of workers’ compensation experience. Employers Holdings, Inc., through its subsidiaries, does business throughout the United States except for four states which are served exclusively by their state funds. Insurance is offered by Employers Insurance Company of Nevada, Employers Compensation Insurance Company, Employers Preferred Insurance Company, Employers Assurance Company and Cerity Insurance Company, all rated A- (Excellent) by AM Best Company. Not all companies do business in all jurisdictions. See and for coverage availability.

About the thimble

Thimble protects more than 95,000 small businesses in the United States through general and professional liability, business equipment protection, commercial property, event insurance and more. With 75% of its customers as new commercial insurance customers, Thimble has become a staple in the software toolkit of American contractors. Founders Jay Bregman and Eugene Hertz are growing the $250 billion commercial insurance market by making it simple, scalable and flexible for new and established businesses. For more information, please visit

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