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CCPA issues advisory to e-commerce players against illegal sale of wireless jammers, Retail News, ET Retail

New Delhi: Consumer protection regulator CCPA has issued a notice to e-commerce businesses against the illegal sale and facilitation of wireless jammers for general consumption, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs announced on Saturday. Prior to the CCPA, the Ministry of Telecommunications issued an advisory on January 21, 2022 against the illegal facilitation and sale of wireless jammers on online platforms.

The Industry Promotion and Internal Trade Department had also written a letter on April 26 to all e-commerce entities to comply with the rules and regulations set by the government against the sale and purchase of any kind of mobile jammers.

“Whereas the CCPA has been informed that wireless jammers, capable of disrupting authorized telecommunications and wireless networks, are being facilitated for sale on e-commerce platforms. The sale and use of wireless jammers for the general consumption are illegal,” the CCPA notice said.

Accordingly, any facilitation or sale of wireless jammers by an e-commerce platform should be considered an illegal activity and should be construed as a violation of consumer rights and an unfair trade practice under the Privacy Act. consumers of 2019, he added.

Stating that jammers are only permitted in “exceptional circumstances” with the approval of the competent authority, the ministry said the sale and use of any wireless device without authorization/license under the Indian Telegraph Act, 1885 or the Indian Wireless Telegraphy Act (IWTA) 1933, unless exempted by the rules, is illegal.

Jammers come under the jurisdiction of the IWTA from 1933 and the law states that a license is required for the possession and use of jammers.

“In view of the above, all e-commerce platforms are advised to refrain from selling or facilitating the sale of any type of wireless jammers in violation of the above compliances required for the sale of such devices”, add the review.

Under Section 18 of the Consumer Protection Act 2019, CCPA is empowered to protect, promote and enforce the rights of consumers as a class and to prevent the infringement of consumer rights. In addition, CCPA is empowered to prevent unfair trade practices and to ensure that no one engages in unfair trade practices.

The CCPA continuously monitors the consumer protection landscape in the country.

Recently, the CCPA issued Safety Notices under Section 18(2)(j) of the Act to alert and caution consumers against purchasing products that do not bear the valid ISI mark and that violate mandatory BIS standards.

The first safety notice was for helmets, pressure cookers and cooking gas cylinders and the second safety notice was for household items including electric immersion heaters, sewing machines, microwave ovens and domestic LPG gas stoves, etc.

To protect the rights of consumers when shopping online, CCPA has also issued a notice to all e-commerce entities in the marketplace to ensure that sellers’ details, in accordance with subrule (5) of Rule 6 of the Consumer Protection (Electronic Commerce) Rules, 2020, including the name and contact number of the Complaints Officer, are provided in a clear and accessible manner, displayed prominently for Users on the Platform. PTI LUX BAL BAL