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RUN AFTER DREAMS Sangappa’s interests also extend beyond campus. She participated in an exploratory program hosted by Goldman Sachs, received a data analyst intern position at Eightfold – a company that uses AI to give hiring and employment groups equal access to job opportunities. ‘job – and teamed up with …

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5G is coming, and not too soon for businesses

Garrett Ilg | Posted: 02, 2021 12:08:11 Much has been said about the potential of 5G wireless networks to dazzle consumers with virtual reality games, diorama sports streaming, holographic calling, and a host of other sophisticated services that require ultra-high capacity to 5G and minimal latency. Such consumer services are …

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Movement to Securities Regulation Spreads Across Canada

For investors and consumers of financial services, the titles used by professionals can be confusing and to date have largely been unregulated, but that is starting to change. In July 2020, Saskatchewan adopted the Financial Planners and Advisors Act (the Saskatchewan Act), which was closely based on Ontario law Financial …

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