Consumer finance

Native Americans Strike Back Against Tribal Lenders

Native Americans are taking a stand on behalf of tribal lenders amid an attack by special interest organizations attempting to bankrupt local businesses serving an often overlooked community. A Native American advocacy group says opponents of tribal loans are promoting a “false and often racist narrative.” For years, the National …

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Trump judges demand consumers aggrieved by ‘payday’ loans drop class action lawsuit and arbitrate individual claims: judges upheld, fears upheld

“Judges confirmed, fears confirmed”Is a series of blogs documenting the damaging impact of President Trump’s judges on the rights and freedoms of Americans. Cases in the series can be found by number and by judge at this connect. Trump Ninth Circuit Judge Danielle Forrest, joined by Trump Judge Lawrence VanDyke, …

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Indiana lawmakers urged to target predatory lenders

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana – A new coalition is forming to fight predatory lending and urge state lawmakers to take action to protect consumers. Indiana has 286 payday loan stores, where people go to take out small loans with high interest rates, and borrowers are often low-income residents who cannot repay the …

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