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Brooklyn Nets and fired team members settle discrimination lawsuit

A discrimination lawsuit brought against the Brooklyn Nets basketball team by two former team members has been settled for an undisclosed amount.

Edward Bolden Jr. and Juwan Williams sued the NBA team in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn in November, according to the lawsuit in Edward Bolden, Jr. and Juwan Williams vs. Brooklyn Nets, LLC.

In their lawsuit, the plaintiffs, who are black, charged that despite ‘great efforts’ to secure full-time jobs with the Nets, they were told by their white supervisor that neither would progress beyond their positions. as a shift attendant, although he mentored others, non-black shift attendants.

They also said they expressed opinions about police brutality and the supervisor disagreed on the matter.

The superintendent terminated them in November 2020 without providing a reason, according to the complaint. A team manager later told them the supervisor said they were “lazy” or unable to follow instructions, according to the complaint.

Their lawsuit charged the team with racial discrimination and retaliation under federal, state and New York City laws.

The team denied the charges in a response filed in February.

In a letter to the court on Thursday, plaintiff attorney Edward Cerasia II of Cerasia Law LLC in New York said the parties had agreed to settle the case and were “in the process of finalizing settlement documents.”

Mr. Cerasia had no further comment and team attorneys did not respond to a request for comment.